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How does the domain get transferred?

Once payment is confirmed with escrow, then the Transfer Authorisation code (EPP) will be given. You then go to any registrar and transfer the domain to them. You will pay them for 1 years registration. After that, the domain is transferred to you and your registrar.

How long does it take to transfer?

Presto Names is an Australian company which operates within Australian business hours.

Registrars can take 5-7 days to complete the transfer, so the whole process may take up to working days.

Can you suggest a registrar?

Yes! You can transfer the domain to you at our sister site WPWebsites.net. Just click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the screen to transfer https://login.wpwebsites.net/cart.php?a=add&domain=transfer

Can socials be bought and sold?

Social media accounts are technically not allowed to be sold or transferred. They are technically not being transferred anywhere as they were created with an email address connected to the domain and company name (except facebook, which has to be created under a personal account).Therefore, the social accounts provided are a free gift with the domain and there are no guarentees that you will be able to use them.

How do the socials get transferred?

Facebook – You will need to have a personal account. You will then need to take over the page as an admin, and then I will delete my admin access.

Instagram, twitter and pinterest – These accounts are created using the domain email that has been created. You will either need to host the email so you can use it (I recommend Zoho or gmail) or you will need to give me an email account and I will change the primary email on the account to your email.

Can I use the logo?

The logo is just for illustration purposes and not a professionally created logo. I am happy to provide the file if requested and you are welcome to use it.