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Choosing a domain name for your company, service or startup can be a time consuming and frustrating process. Inspiration can strike and you find that the name is taken, or even worse, you have no ideas at all.

Presto Names has done the hard work for you, but not all domain names are created equally. Some can be better for your business than others, depending on the type of business you have (or want to start). You will need to check in your country for trademarks and will need to market your business.

Here is a guide to the names that we sell and the features to look for.

4C / 4L / LLLL .com

These are domains that are either 4 characters or 4 letters long.

These are great domains for branding as you can use them as an acronym or as a made up term.

Example –

Single word domains

These are 1 word domains made up of one dictionary word.

They can often be branded, dependent on the word and they are very descriptive, which is memorable for a business.

Example –

Brandable domains

Brandables are made up words, or contractions of words.

These are nice, unique domains that can be made into your own brand.

Example –

Keyword domains

These are domains that contain keywords that describe something.

They are great for e-commerce or businesses selling something specific that people will search for.

Example –


Valuation tools do not do a good job of evaluating a domains worth as a computer can’t determine how fantastic your business is going to be and they can miss out many other important factors. It is only included as a second opinion of the price, so that novices can see different evaluations.

Domain history

Domain history includes the age of when the domain was first registered and if it has has ever been dropped (not renewed) or parked (had adverts placed on it).

It is useful to look at how the domain was used historically. If a domain was used historically for a travel blog, if it was used for a travel blog again, search engines might index it more quickly, than if you use it for a shop selling furniture.

Domain Authority, Trust flow and Citation flow

Domain Authority (DA) is a score between 1-100 that predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Trust flow gauges the trustworthiness of a website by taking a look at its overall quality.

Citation flow gauges how popular the website is.

All of our domains will have quite low scores because they do not have any content on them. But they are included because if you are creating a blog, any domains with any numbers for these measures will help.


Backlinks are the links from other peoples websites to your domain. The quality of backlinks are important. If there is a link from Wikipedia or the BBC news, then this is seen as a very trustworthy link and therefore a trustworth website to search engines.

If there are good existing backlinks then you will get existing traffic to your website, but this is only good if its relevant (eg the link matches your website).

Search Volume

This is a rough idea of how many people are already searching for the keyword in the domain. With a 4C domain, this will be 0, whereas with an exact match keyword domain such as ‘chinos pants’ (, this should match what people are looking for and will therefore have a high search volume. With lots of people looking for chinos pants, there are very likely to come across the domain, if the right content is on it.

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